Armadillo Armful / That Creative Spark / Blown Away
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Armadillo Armful Image
Photograph by Tomasz Tomaszewski
    Armadillo Armful
The armadillo was for sale for 30 pesos, says photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski, who saw this young vendor in a Yucatán doorway. “The armadillo looked up at me with these big, sad eyes. I knew if I didn’t buy it, its only future was as soup.” Transaction completed, Tomasz drove off with the creature on the front seat beside him. “I was looking for a place to release it. When I finally did, as it walked back into the jungle, the little guy looked back at me like it could not believe its luck.” Tomasz called home to Warsaw, Poland, that night on his daughter Maryna’s 17th birthday. “Your present from me,” he told her, “is one happy armadillo.”

That Creative Spark
Photograph by David Alan Harvey
    That Creative Spark
He saw the boys carrying cardboard boxes as they dodged the falling fireworks at a celebration in Taxco, Mexico, but photographer David Alan Harvey didn’t stop to wonder why. “I just moved in with my camera pressed to my face,” he says, “entranced by the bright hail of sparks.” Soon his shirt was on fire, but bystanders quickly beat out the flames. Says Dave, who wasn’t hurt, “So that’s what the boxes were for! Protection!” You’re a quick learner, Dave.

Blown Away
Photograph by Alejandro Barbajosa
    Blown Away
Sometimes you just want to shoot the breeze. When a weeklong siege of 90-mile-an-hour winds descended on Veracruz, metal signs bent under its onslaught and coconuts flew off the trees like missiles. Writer Cassandra Franklin-Barbajosa was one of the last to take cover as she ventured, windswept, across the malecón, the boardwalk, in search of the story. “It was hard to hold on and even harder to find people to interview,” she said, “since most of them seemed to be laughing and pointing at me from the safety of the hotel bar.”

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